Introducing the Fenland Cultural Strategy


Fenland District Council recognises the importance of creativity and culture for our local communities. This is a broad area of activity and includes the heritage of Fenland’s communities living here. Developing a vibrant creative and culture sector in the District will ensure that Fenland continues to be a great place to live, attracts more inward and intra-District tourism, generates jobs and supports the local economy, creates strong and cohesive communities and supports people’s mental health.

Now more than ever a formal approach to supporting the planned development of creative and cultural opportunities across the District is necessary as the area recovers and moves forwards following the COVID-19 pandemic. Creativity and Culture in Fenland has been identified by Arts Council England as an area that has not applied for funding in the same manner as other surrounding Districts.

This strategy should allow creative organisations in Fenland to have better opportunities to work more closely together and be better able to access funding opportunities where available. Fenland District Council has worked with the Arts Council England and ArtReach to develop the Creativity and Culture Strategy. The Arts Council has funded arts sector specialist, ArtReach, to understand what is happening in the creative world in Fenland, consult with the public and local groups. This is not a Fenland District Council Strategy document but a document for Fenland allowing a wide variety of agencies to use it and the framework it will create to develop cultural activities in Fenland

Broad Horizons sets out this vision for 2030: “more people in Fenland will be connected by coming together for inspiring, enjoyable and widely known creative and heritage activity that supports communities to achieve and grow their ambitions”.